Rey Dai

Co-Founder, CEO and
Head of Chinese Operation

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“All the experts… are experts on what was. There is no expert on what will be. To become an ‘expert’ on the future, vision must replace experience.”
– David Ben-Gurion

Rey had the wisdom to foresee the potential of combining Israeli innovation with Chinese scale, and established QCII’s foundations. By combining the best of these two nations, his unique capabilities are like navigating a speed boat equipped with Israeli propellers at full power in waters more accustomed to pedal boats.

Leading QCII’s operations in China and the main deal-maker in China, Rey identifies business opportunities in China, and pre-screens and engages with public, financial and industrial partners.

He has over 15 years of experience in multiple industries within China, and a strong passion for innovation and strategy. His career has included a stint as an analyst at a NASDAQ-listed global media company, and as project manager the No.2 manufacturer of aluminum wheels in China. In 2009, he founded an online healthcare company, and most recently he led strategic partnerships at a publicly-traded Chinese industrial company.

Rey holds a BA in Mechanical engineering from Central South University of Forestry and Technology in China, and an MBA from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. During his MBA he participated in a student exchange at Tel Aviv University, where he first connected with his co-founder Dr. Yuklea and was exposed to Israeli innovation.