Dr. Harry Yuklea

Managing Director, Co-Founder
and Head of Tel Aviv Operation

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“Life is what happens to us while we are busy doing other things, so try to make yours as enjoyable and constructive as possible.”

Dr. Yuklea designed QCII’s strategy, investment platform and business model and supervises negotiation, technology matching and deal-making processes. He also serves as QCII’s main liaison to the academic communities in China and Israel.

He has a unique background with over 35 years of active involvement in the growth and development of the Israeli high-tech sector, combined with 20 years of international teaching and research within academia.

Prior to co-founding QCII, Dr. Yuklea held several executive management positions at leading publicly traded hi-tech companies such as Sapiens International Corp., Lannet Data Communications Ltd. and Fibronics Ltd., as well as at several high-tech start-ups such as XOsoft, Snapshield, OptoSTORAGE and Bacsoft.

Dr. Yukela is a visiting professor at several universities and a policy advisor to a number of government agencies, in the field of innovation economics.

Dr. Yuklea received an MSEE from Technical University of Iasi in Romania, an MSM from Boston University and a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

His PhD thesis, in the field of Entrepreneurial Finance, analyzed and proposed remediations to VC’s suboptimal investment decisions due to their lifespan truncation cost. This seminal paper was published in one of the top academic journals in finance and ranks Dr. Yuklea within the top decile of academic authors in his field (SSRN).