Adi Paz

Senior Advisor

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“New technology is like an endless puzzle, a riddle. You must set the parts right and they keep changing with time.”

Adi manages consulting projects in Israel for QCII. Prior to QCII, Adi held various technological managerial positions, where she was responsible for managing many high-end technologies from jet plane structures as the Head of Business Technology Group at Technion Institute of Technology to IOT printed polymers at SNE-Israel National Technology Transfer Company. Adi also held global managerial positions within the hi-tech industry, one of them at FollowAp, which was acquired by NeuStar for $139 million. From 2009 to 2014, Adi was an instructor of entrepreneurship and business strategy courses at leading MBA programs. Adi began her career as a software programmer at Amdocs gaining work experience both in Israel and the United States.

Adi has a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science (cum laude) as well as an executive MBA from the Technion. During her MBA, Adi completed an entrepreneurship course at FuDan University in Shanghai, in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management.