Our Process

The QCII Process

Our unique inverse business development process starts by zeroing in on a major unsolved or sub-optimally solved problem in China, and then identifying a major Chinese player that could have solved this problem, if they had access to the right technology.

The Chinese company must have solid infrastructure and capitalization, a strong understanding of technology and an interest in growing technology assets together with Israeli partners.

The Chinese companies we work with are all top-tier, publicly traded companies, with majority private shareholders (as opposed to state-controlled firms).

We drive our business to excellent and sustainable financial performance

Unique inverse business development process

Step 1
Discover unaddressed economic problem in China
Step 2
Identify top-tier Chinese company that could solve it, given the right technology
Step 3
Approach relevant Israeli technology firms
Step 4
Engage in 3-way joint venture with QCII

Next, we identify and approach Israeli technology firms with relevant solutions in advanced stages of development, and together we explore the feasibility of cooperation with the Chinese partner.

When the match process leads to positive results, we engage the parties in creating a dedicated joint venture in China, with the active participation of QCII as a founding partner.