About Us

About QCII

The Chinese market is a powerhouse that cannot be ignored. Quantum China Israel Innovations has developed a unique entrepreneurial model of forming Israeli-Chinese joint ventures dedicated to solving specific unmet needs in the Chinese market.

With our experienced team comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs, successful business people, distinguished policy advisors, and academics, we bring together innovative Israeli companies and leading Chinese companies to combine their unique strengths: disruptive technology and the ability to massively scale.

We see the diversity of ideas, pluralism, meritocracy, transparency, ethics as core assets of our company and the best way to create impact in both China and Israel. We drive our business to excellent and sustainable financial performance.

We are also involved in several governmental and academic initiatives, including representing:

  • Jinan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in Israel
  • Jinan Innovation Zone in Israel


We believe in facts and transparency – our motto is “what you see is what we do”